I help women de-tangle the thread between toxic relationships

with toxic health and lose weight from the inside out!

Anna’s Story

In the mirror in front of me stood someone I no longer knew. My face contorted, my mouth spewing hateful words of deep self deprecation. “You are a  terrible mother, you don’t deserve them, they would be better off without you, you’re fat and ugly and you don’t deserve to live a good life or to be loved you bitch”. With every word, my soul was sinking deeper and deeper into the floor. Thoughts of hatred and judgement for my existence were taking over my insides. All that was left, was a tiny, itty, bitty, whisper of a voice that I needed to live, if only for my children . . .  and even that was being diminished by the second. I hated myself, I hated myself, I hated myself. That is where my journey begins . . . .

Low Fat Diet Kills Relationships

Eat more fat to make more love.

Healthy Eating

Roasted Tomato Soup

Roasted tomato soup. One of my favorite all time cookbooks is “The Cancer Fighting Kitchen” it is great on many levels, the general guidelines for people fighting cancer but also, the recipes are [...]

Sweet Potato Soup

  Sweet potato soup with creamy guacamole sauce  I know it sounds absurd, but this is so delicious! Salute an onion (sweet yellow is that I use), in a big pan, once they are translucent, add [...]

My Favorite Beets

 My favorite beets Okay, ya’ll, I don’t normally dig beets (get it? hihi) but this recipe is so fantastic and so simple which I love! Keep it simple baby!  Boil whole beets (however many you [...]

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