Relationships and vitality are the foundation of a successful life

Will you be in a hospital bed, connected to tubes and breathing machines, with strangers caring for you? Or will you be in your garden, with your partner or children and loving family with you?

Will you end up alone on your couch in front of your television and someone finally finds you, or will you be surrounded by community and family and connection and affection?

This may sound harsh but it is the reality of every decision you make, starting today.

Relationships and vitality are the foundation of a life a successful life. At every turn in life are making decisions that either take us towards love and connection and continued vitality or taking ourselves away from it. Which direction are you going?

I solidly see and have the awareness that our relationships are a direct influence over our health and wellness and in turn, our health and wellness are a direct influence over our relationships. If you are grumpy and mean because you feel fat, and disgusting, what kind of spouse will you be? If you are living a relationship nightmare, won’t food or other unhealthy habits be your best friend?

If you are here, you are searching for some answers:

Maybe your relationships if suffering right now? Maybe you have grown apart and gone down different roads?

Maybe you want to be a better example to your children in the relationship? Maybe you are teaching them bad habits that will affect their lives and their futures?

Maybe you have tried everything and nothing so far has worked?

If you desire to grow in relationship and stop pushing your lover away, if you want to stop being tangled up in perpetual drama , . If you want to learn to open up and connect, live and love deeply with out fear, and you want to do the work that is required to accomplish this kind of love and life, then sign up now for a 25 minute wake up session with me.