Sweet potato soup with creamy guacamole sauce  I know it sounds absurd, but this is so delicious! Salute an onion (sweet yellow is that I use), in a big pan, once they are translucent, add sweet potatoes (I usually do 3-4, basically one cent size sweet potato per person). Then add some vegetable broth and let them boil until they are soft. Take a little out at a time and blend in the blender until smooth and creamy. once it is all blended and creamy, pour back into your soup pan and let it simmer, clean your blend and put in one avocado, then juice one lime, some sea salt and a little sour cream or yogurt ( I like the bavarian kind), blend this up until smooth and creamy. Pour some soup into a bowl and add the lime avocado in dollop on top! Just try it and stop looking like I am crazy. :) It’s good.



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